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Welcome to this spot on the internet, where you will find bits and pieces of personal reflections and news that I find important and fun to share with whoever might be interested. The purpose is to inspire a few people on their own paths.

I’m firm believer in sharing technology and ideas. Open source has been part of my DNA for many years. I prefer to spend my value on people and professionals who supports this:

  • I use KDE as my preferred desktop provided via Manjaro, installed on a portable computer provided by
  • I have developed free software for many years through the GPLv2 license. You can find my work on, and .
  • I use Telegram for communication; it is secure, supports free speech and is ad-free forever.

Who am I? Just another fellow male human being, that arrived here in 3D in Siegburg, Germany in July 1966. Some years later, my family decided to move back to Denmark, where I’ve been most of my life. Finally, in 2007 they grey-in-grey feeling became too much and I decided to take a long walk in Spain. 4 months later, with a huge amount of love and beautiful experiences on the road, I moved to Castellar del Valles. The trigger was a deeper search within; as far as I can remember, I’ve been looking for answers to all the usual big questions while being in this reality: love, friendship and knowledge. I’m still here, Ainhoa, I found the peace I was looking for. I’m also a proud father, Camilla, it’s special to feel the grandpa era, even if you all are far away.

Many beings have and continue to inspire me greatly to experience life more profoundly. It all comes down to the universal freedom of experiencing life without restriction, without dogma, with fun and with respect and kindness to everyone – we are the value and always have been. In no particular order: Robert Monroe, Martinus, Bruce MoenMikao UsuiDrunvalo Melchizedek, Tom Kenyon, Stuart Wilde, Khris Krepcik, Tom, Michael Monk, Hamilton SoutherHeather Ann Tucci-JarrafKanō Jigorō, Linus Torvalds, David Wilcock.

Thanks to David Burgos for his friendship and for designing the logo on this web site.

And so, to conclude the aboutness, why not show something that really is me, enjoying with a bunch of kids in Sabadell, 2007…

funday a fulfilling day. I am you, you are me, we are one.